1990-1997 CHEVY GMC 6.0L 6.6L 7.0L H.D. CLUTCH
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# Clutch Disc Splines : 10
Clutch Cover Type : Push Type Diaphram
Clutch Disc Spline Size : 1-1/2"
Clutch Size : 12-7/8"
Contents : Cover Assembly, Clutch Disc,
Release Bearing, all Necessary Pilots, Accessory Pack
Disc Hub I.D./Input Shaft Size : 13"
Chevrolet Truck C60 6.0 L 364 CID V8 1990 - 1996
Chevrolet Truck C60 6.6 L 403 CID L6 Caterpillar 3116 Diesel 1991 - 1991
Chevrolet Truck C6500 6.0 L 364 CID V8 1997
GMC Truck C6000 6.0 L 366 CID V8 1990
GMC Truck C6000 6.0 L 366 CID V8 1992 - 1996
GMC Truck C6000 7.0 L 427 CID V8 1994 - 1996

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1990-1997 CHEVY GMC 6.0L 6.6L 7.0L H.D. CLUTCH

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